O, I am alive with eyes wide open,
Or maybe near death and to life groping.
Why a tanned angel? O Angel deliver me please.
I beg thee, take me under thy arms of faith and into thine sleeves.
And send me to my heart’s content, to her if shy lays above.
The destiny that they can behold and hold for life until end with love.

“Fragile little heart I kiss with my lips,
But your body more fragile but beauty it retains.
And with you, I can always remain,
Without effort, because your love holds me within its grips.”

O shush thou your little sweet lips,
And hold your fate’s weight upon thy hips,
Now give me your taste so sweet,
And let me adore you upon thine heart’s seat.

“No, I’m not the one who is perfect,
My love for you is just a human’s.
I wish to take you and hold your hand.
And live happy and dreams of erotic.”

O I tell you that you’re not for me,
For you are your own and will forever be,
Not the type that costs a deed or fee,
But I love you as you, for as long as can be.

“Sunshine smile lighten up my day,
Your face, your cheeks, plumb and happy as can be.
A pleasure, to see and sings my heart as they so see.
Although not close but in my heart never far away.”

O fair lady your strong eyes are mine,
Brown and strong like Tiger’s lines,
To not love you would be a mortal crime.
Maybe not forever but I will give you my limited time.

“I hope you know that my passion, is destined to be yours.
I wish that you can hold it, like a dog that locks its jaws.
Although we may separate with each other, with sleep or distance leave,
It’s not that my heart has gone anywhere, but in unison with you it breathes.”


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