In the wildest fancies of my
Unconscious dreams.
It is always you that I am
Forced to see.

How it is,
That your angles please my eyes,
How it is,
That your petite frame makes you delicate
Beyond perfection.
How I wish to caress your bosom;

How angels missing would smile upon high,
How the wings take to heaven,
How the skies break
Like solitudes night pierced.
And how the burden takes
Every piece and part,
Every drop and tear,
Every sigh and smile,
Every anything and everything.

There is no shadow that upon yonder cannot break
With open sky, the dark to take.
When the shadow inside lives,
Depression upon solitude it gives.

So it seems here I am again,
I don’t just feel it,
I see it.
The ugliness of which I am,
I feel like an ‘it’,
Again I see it.
The ugly that I am again.

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