Concerning my views on religious ideas and God.

Dear Reader,      I have recently had several conversations about my conception of God and things related to that, out of these conversations I have formed this article. So, if any of the sentences seem like they are answering a question, they are, and I apologise if any of it doesn't make sense to you, however, I am happy … Continue reading Concerning my views on religious ideas and God.

Forgiveness with no remorse.

In this essay I will be attempting to answer the question: 'is it conceptually possible to forgive someone who does not show remorse?' Beginning this with the definition of forgiveness, pardoning, and neglect, I will then move on to an extreme example by Fyodor Dostoyevsky in his novel The Brothers Karamazov, going on to explore the possibility of forgiveness with no anger or resentment, and also … Continue reading Forgiveness with no remorse.