Before I begin it is worth mentioning what I myself identify as politically. I am a British conservative (lower case C: not the party), which means I am Libertarian when it comes to the market, a Classical Liberal (think Mill) when it comes to free-speech (I think the only hate speech is a literal commandment of violence: kill him, rape him, I will kill you etc) and negative freedoms, while being Conservative about my nation’s culture, tradition, religious roots, history and identity. This means that Nazism, Communism and Antifa are not what I agree with.

I consider all three collectivist ideologies, while I am an individualist, so I consider them all evil (which seems to be the point of most people in general on this topic. I believe the individual matters and what he/she identifies as and with is their own problem. Now, I have heard it be stated a few times that Antifa are not violent, and when they are you can’t prove it is Antifa. So here are a few videos to look at:

This is an Antifa march:


This is a full video of Berkeley, which is where the violence in the end of the previous video was taken from, which is objectively Antifa:


While this is a collection of source videos from and about Berkeley in general:

This is a video of a university teacher who is in Antifa and uses his educational institute to justify its violence smashing someone’s head in with a bike-lock:


As can be seen from these videos Antifa are being violent towards people who are objectively not Nazis, deny this at your own peril because we can all see it from documentation, which will overtly show your political bias and willingness to cover for violence against innocent members of the public. Now, this is what Antifa is currently doing: expanding the term Nazi to include anyone they disagree with: so now hate speech means anything they don’t like and thus brand those as Nazis, and this does include Liberals. This is demonstrably true on the video where people of the public are being overtly attacked, including women for being there at a talk about free-speech with Ben Shapiro and Milo Yiannopoulos. Now considering both of these people openly debate anyone and everyone, there was no need for violence.

Moving on. People keep stating that the Alt-right (a term which was invented by the media and propagated by it, and is too nebulous to be meaningful) is Nazi, which is odd considering Nazis do not debate, they destroy democracy with violence: as many on the Left correctly say – but these alt-righters are openly debating on a regular basis: James Allsup for example is the head of a Republican Society at his university where he gives speeches, and he has countless videos of himself debating with peaceful left-wing rallies and marcher’s, including anti-Trump marches and even his own pro-Trump rally where he invited left-wingers to debate and the vast majority of them actually engaged with him peacefully and respectably.

The current head (if there even is one) of the alt-right movement is considered Richard Spencer who again, has been seen at hundreds of debates, marches and rallies, and is openly debating and producing his own radio shows. Tying Spencer as the head of the entire movement is just the media trying to poison the well. However, to say these people are undemocratic and Nazis is nonsense. Richard Spencer is an Ethic Nationalist and his argument isn’t violent, it is immigration based – he wants to restrict immigration while empowering white people to not feel ashamed of themselves, their history and breeding more white people – i.e. if you want a white family, have one without shame. I think that wanting to preserve ‘white’ history and a white family is not evil, just as black people wanting a strong black family isn’t. While James Allsup’s entire argument is that through bad immigration policies and not enforcing your own laws you’re not being democratic as you’re ignoring your own people’s wishes and Democratic rights, and inviting in people who may put that democratic system out of balance. They are not being undemocratic, they are overtly using democratic means to argue legal and law based reform and enforcement.

Examples of James Allsup’s videos:




Examples of Richard Spencer’s willingness to debate:



And of course, him being punched in the face for being a ‘Nazi’ by Antifa:


Yet again, moving on – the rise of Nazism in Germany coincides with attacks from Communists which enforced their narrative that Communism was collectivistic and evil, and needed to be forced back with a national collectivism. Ben Shapiro made an entire show talking about this from a Conservative perspective which you can find here:


To call Nazism right wing is severely dishonest. The roots of Nazism which is its own unique form of Fascism is pretty complicated, they hated Communism, Capitalism, free-marketism, and Conservatives and Liberals alike. They did indeed see themselves as the new-radical group which transcended the Left and Right. They considered themselves a synthesis, which is why they hated Italian Fascism and Hitler had such distrust of Mussolini (Mussolini was a left-wing Socialistic Fascist). Ironically, many of their policies were taken from the Democratic party of the USA. This book just came out categorising and debating exactly this, here is an interview with the author:


So, to conclude, the argument that Antifa are actually anti-fascist is a contradiction, as they themselves endanger democracy, free-speech, the free exchange of all ideas on the intellectual free-market and are overtly resorting to violence where debate is open and welcome, thus demonising their own movement while making the alt-right look like victims and thus garnering the support of the masses. Antifa are Fascists in means (violence) and ends (silence).

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