#118 – Passions renew

Why compare who I love to anything (anyone) else. Like comparing illness With those who are in health. Unworthy and pointless. You are fair, like fair is you. And you're you within And out. The eyes your own; Strong and brown. The skin; Shares that tan and tone. Comparing you to you, revives passion anew. … Continue reading #118 – Passions renew

#117 – Divinest wine

You're of the divinest Who my lips request A kiss by free-will, not by behest. I imagine the taste sweet: the finest Wine. Trap me as the grape Vine, which in growing takes Time. Kiss me to wake, Bind us as one while morning breaks.

#116 – Vice

Watch him for the first time, With his first victim's face. Piercing, and delving, he stabs With shaking virgin rage. There is a first time for everything, And this is the thirst. With pleasure and sickness, The eyes; his own about to burst With pleasure at his turning to dust, And piles of bloodied flesh. Which he transformed to … Continue reading #116 – Vice

#115 – Lunar

O how sounds the musing of the moon: The grey, lifeless, breathless landscape, Only given any beauty by the radiance And tender glow of the sun's rays. The moon; An empty waste. Receives from the sun It's nightly glow and grace. Yet now, We admire it's beauty, When it is not its own. We gaze … Continue reading #115 – Lunar