Be Christ, be the sacrifice which saves those around you, be the example and emulate Christ’s message – no excuses. He didn’t merely die so you can carry on being the dick you are, he died as an example for what every man is called to be – the arbiter of moral standards which will sacrifice oneself like a real man does for his wife and children. Obey the reality of our condition, confirm and affirm that reality, and share your experiences with those around you, and when you have a call which will put you out, but help another, perform it without complaint as you would hope another would do for you.

Be the person who would always save others, not from suffering (as that is just reality) but from weakness, self-harm and self-destruction, and even more importantly: from the chaos which is given to us on a daily basis by the world – transform chaos into order, and save the world and community around you. Don’t dwell in emotional chaos or pass yours on, bring forth order to the society you live in. Pull your identity and culture out of the depths of Hell and renew it into the Heaven which doesn’t decay into a corpse which crushes everyone with the over whelming weight of all of our suffering.

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