The ‘Conservative party’ selling the victim narrative hard and fast. The public show anger to MPs for being completely incompetent and not representing their people, and then the MP can silence the people. Dianne Abbott has been selling this idea for years, when people call her an incompetent twat, they are expressing that she isn’t doing her job very well, which she isn’t and never does – she race baits and victimises herself, and then sells that to the state in order to justify the silencing of criticism which she deserves. This is not what a Conservative government should be doing, this will merely polarise our political and social sphere further by not allowing each side to express anger and disapproval. This will internalise it and set up an enemy mindset. Well done.

For us to trust the police on hate speech is nonsense. We are to trust a governmental body which regularly abuses its power, arrests people for telling someone to fuck off, arrests people for having bacon sandwiches and also ignores systematic paedophile gangs just because they are from a foreign background, and also ignores paedophile rings within our own government. Are you fucking kidding me? Why are British people so blind to abuses of power, why do we endlessly show a superiority complex against guns, self-defence and our political system when we very soon won’t even be able to express our own opinions without the threat of jail and public ostracization. Yet, people can openly express their Communist view, march on London with Communist flags, Stalin banners and even banned Islamic group’s flags…But don’t you dare make a post on your Facebook about immigration or current events, terrorism or how your local area has been ruined. Are you fucking kidding me? #FreeSpeech

‘Police to tell social media firms to take down hate posts in major government crackdown’ by Telegraph –

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