A very interesting book, but very clearly slightly outdated by being written in the 1930s, however it is still mostly relevant and interesting. An example of the interesting parts is when Mosley explains where the term, Icons and salutes of Fascism come from. Fasces being a bundle of sticks collected together to create an unbreakable bond: nationalism. The Icon being a Roman symbol of united identity, and the salute (now commonly known as the Nazi salute) is a Roman salute which turns the hand into a drawn short sword in order to pledge allegiance to the united identity of the nation, state and peoples. Mosley explains that because of the British history of having Roman laws given to us directly from our Roman conquerors, we have a Roman lineage and thus can use the salute – and he justifies this by stating: ‘what better salute for an empire which surpassed the Roman one to use’. As an explanation of British Fascism it is a fantastic introduction.

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