While Descartes’ argument is to assume
God from its perfection: a priori: defined.
A shame that he could never read Hume:
Nothing can be defined into existence: denied!
Then came the Prussian philosopher Kant.
Who said no contradiction made
When one denies the ontological slant:
Predicate and subject alike, denied and betrayed.

Well, lets take Anselm’s argument:
“None greater can be conceived.”
What exactly was it that this Saint meant:
And what is this god that he believed?
Take any object and make it infinite:
Thus, absurdly I can make God out of a tea-cup!

2 thoughts on “#125 – Ontological

    1. It’s a joke poem about the ontological argument. For example that proving a logical connection doesn’t prove a reality, proving you can extend something to become the definition of God doesn’t prove it exists, and so on.


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