Hello everyone,
The current UK political system and the Conservative party is such a joke, the Conservative party is not a right-wing party and so long as it remains how it currently is I cannot support it from a right-wing perspective. It is clamping down on free-speech through social media, planning to give out prison sentences of fifteen years for using right-wing sites, and blocking particular people from visiting our nation. The President of the USA Donald Trump has not been banned, but he has been forced to visit much later than he should have, and he still has yet to visit because of this. This is a blatant disrespecting of our cousin, and its new leader.

The leader of the Conservative party and the UK, Theresa May, banned Richard Spencer last year from visiting the UK until it is reviewed with no right of appeal. Which means he could still be banned in several hundred years. For what reason exactly is he banned: for being a hate-preacher, and thus a terrorist who brings forward terrorist ideas which can harm, and even kill. Yet, here is the absurdity of her actions, she has allowed hundreds of British Passport holding Islamic State members to return to the UK with no punishment, no trial of treason, and certainly no execution for treason. The painful absurdity of this is that many of these ‘British’ Islamic State returners no longer have their passport because they have burned them, yet are still getting into the British Isles as if they are just returning from a holiday.

But, you may ask yourself ‘why do I care if Richard Spencer is banned from the UK?’, to which I retort: all politics is the tale of two sides, if one is treated with fairness under the law, while one is not, the political landscape has been poisoned. So, what is the conclusion here? The conclusion is not good for any British citizen. That conclusion is that the kind of people who travel to other nations to cut people’s heads off for being unbelievers and ‘pseudo-Muslims’ (not to mention their many other crimes) are morally superior, and thus less of a terrorist than a man who puts forward the social policy of European people simply not hating themselves, and the rejection of being ethno-masochistic. If that is how the British system sees the social and political landscape of these two world views, the British system is a danger to the British people, and thus anyone who stands for it.

‘Banned in the UK’ – https://youtu.be/OexLAFK6PVw


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