There will come a time where we do exactly what is being done to us. Where we dismiss an opinion merely because the speaker is from a certain demographic; a different one to us. If we cannot speak, or be listened to because of our sex or our race, then what stops us from doing it back but in the name of our sex or race? Your name is not European, your skin is not white – opinion discarded, no need to listen to you, for you do not speak from our core identity, nor do you stand for the nation you live in.

If we conclude the Left’s obsession with identity politics, and remove the Conservative’s habit of conceding ground, we are left with the conclusion that this is why race and the identity which comes from that won’t actually destroy Europe, but remake it like a Phoenix burning down a nation in its rebirth. This Palingenesis is what sets us free, and brings us back to our core identity. Under all of our materialism, consumerism, virtue signalling and capitalistic individualism rests the axiom of ourselves – our race, and our identity which stems from this foundation, this biological framework which creates us.

Remember at every step (((they))) endlessly attack us and our identity because they fear us, they hate us out of fear, not disgust. In return we owe them the hate out of disgust, not fear. The body politic needs cleaning. We are strong as people, identity and literal bodies. We are also far more racially conscious then we allow ourselves to realise. The moment we stop limiting our familial feelings for ourselves and our race, we will be unstoppable, and that is why (((they))) fear us.

They fear us because they know that for a minimum of three thousand years unity under identity has been the foundation of our civilisations and empires. They fear us because our oldest symbol is a collection of individuals which becomes almost impossible to break when unified under identity, and when that unity is broken it leaves you with a deadly weapon to bring the unity back under power – unity through power – order through force. They fear us because our oldest salute is a shoulder hold of our brothers and a pledge to our people and nation. They fear us because they know that our proletariat do not pick Communism, but instead pick their own identity, people and nation. The poor, working class, military class and middle class do not pick Communism, except when it is forced upon them with propaganda and state-force.

They fear us because underneath all of our degeneracy, self-denigration and materialism, dwells the pure Spirit of Western Civilisation. The Spirit of Sol Invictus. Hail the Sun! Hail our people! For when this Titan wakes its opening eyes will shake the very foundations of the world, and as the world is rocked to its core the bowels of those who hate us out of fear, will have nothing left but fear. This is why (((they))) hate us.

Explain to me, my history, my people why we should feel guilty for being the shining light of the world? Why should we feel guilty and burdened for singeing our hands as we hold the Sun? Why should the Sun-wielder’s feel uncomfortable singing the song of their people? We are the Titans who reach up and pluck the Sun while we harbour ingrates on our shoulders and back. We must ask ourselves: ‘what happens when Atlas shrugs off the burden of the entire world? Do the Heavens fall and destroy all reality, or just destroy the world of the ingrates?’ What happens when we do shrug off the burden of the world is why (((they))) fear us.


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