The question of whether being English equals being white came up recently. I have noticed that this comes up a lot when Native English people get offended by a part of their culture being remove by the ever-encroaching multiculturalism of this nation. We hear things like ‘English people can be any colour, speak any language, and be any religion!’. While this is patently absurd, it needs to be explained why it is.

The word English comes from the word ‘Angelcynn’ which literally means ‘people of the Angles’ – the Angles are Anglo-Saxons, which are a Germanic tribe which come from the greater branch known simply as the ‘Germanics’ who were the Celts, Normans, Anglo-Saxons, Jutes, Frisians, and so on….every single one of these are white, and their religion was Pagan or Christianity…

To be English means to use a Germanic based language and to be Germanic based in genetics, culture, religion, and history. To put it simply: white. If you’re not Germanic, you’re not English in anything, but name.

So to answer the question, yes, English people are white. You can be a non-white English citizen, but that is civic nationalism and doesn’t make you a native, genetically English nor historically English. It is a lesser form of Englishness and doesn’t really deserve recognition as anything but ‘English in citizenship only’.

These are useful:
1. ‘The Right Kind of History: Teaching the Past in Twentieth-Century England’ – by David Cannadine.
2. ‘The Ecclesiastical History of the English People (Oxford World’s Classics)’ – by Bede.
3. ‘What does it mean to be English?’ –
4. ‘(1066 – 1997) The UK: A Nation of Immigrants? – The FACTS’ –


6 thoughts on “Is the English identity white?

  1. ‘White’ is also a cultural constiction, just like. English. My skin is not white, It is pink and perhaps a little tan. It’s not even remotely or comparably white. So not even the English as a whole group is white, except that perhaps they use the term self reflectively or as an identity, which is then do different than to say they’ve descended from Germania. Or what ever.


    1. That’s a pure strawman. White is merely a colloquial term which refers to the race of pale skin compared to the other races – known as Caucasian. The Germanic people are ‘white’ and by that we do not mean mere skin pigmentation, that is retarded. The Germanic people are ‘white’ which is to say they are Caucasian – Europid – that is an entire phenotype and doesn’t only apply to skin texture and tone. We use the term white merely because they are usually the palest of people in the world – we are rarely tanned enough to be called red, brown or black.


      1. ‘White’ is a cultural currency. I know what you mean, but Caucasian is highly racist also. I am not from the Caucuses. Neither is ‘the white race’ nor any sort of ‘whiteness’ arising in southeast Europe. There is no ‘pure’ English, even this stops at some immeasurable point in the past to justify a ‘nation’. Which is really a word for ‘large family’. Why are we grouping and pointing? For what purpose? What is the purpose of saying English is white?


      2. Caucasian comes from a skull discovered in the Caucuses which became the archetype model for ‘white’ races because it perfectly shows the phenotypical model of the white races. We are not called Caucasian because we come from the Caucuses, that’s just the eytomology of the word. We are not Caucasian because of where the word came from, we are Caucasian because of the phenotypes contained within that model which only apply to the Europids.

        English as a demographic is distinctly white, it is to be of the Germanic tribes. I did literally explain that and why this post was made within the post itself…

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      3. It was a friend of the family saying that being English had nothing to do with being white in racial make-up, so I explained what English actually means much like I did here. Many of us English lot don’t even know our own history enough to even know we are Germanic peoples. We often say NO WE ARE CELTS! Ignoring Celts are Germanic, and then saying we ARE FRENCH! Which ignores the French are a set of Germanic peoples…And so on. But even if you are to call us Celts, Normans or Norse…all are white.

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