This story makes no sense ‘Jews forced out of a city by being asked to leave.’

‘Around 230 members of Lev Tahor, an intensely religious Jewish group that rejects the state of Israel, moved to Guatemala earlier this year after fleeing amid allegations of child abuse in Canada.’

‘Canadian authorities were investigating the group on allegations of abuse and promoting underage marriage. The group’s founder, Rabbi Shlomo Helbrans, spent two years in prison in New York after being convicted of kidnapping a teenage boy.’

So, other than the Rabbi having the retarded name of Shlomo (((Jewish stereotype intensifies)))…this group seems heavily linked to child abuse (Jewish Stereotype), kidnappings (Jewish Stereotype) and general cult like behaviour (Jewish Stereotype)…but yeah Antisemitism (Jewish Stereotype) brah!

‘Jewish sect expelled from Guatemalan village after clashes with Mayan villagers’ By Raf Sanchez –


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