I live in this grey, burdened hell.
I’ll stay until eternal time bleeds
Into me.
Show me how you make men follow your lead
Into their self-made holding cell.

Feed me your hatred.
It’s the only lasting thing
Unto eternity.
Show me love, how it turns
To contempt from sincerity.

Show me nothing:
For nothing is what you
Can show.
The ways of hatred sincere
In ways that you will never know.

The brute fact is man hates more than they love,
It’s why they fear judgement from what
Is above.
They expect condemnation for passionate feelings.
While love is equal.

You say people deserve love only,
Why not hate too?
You speak of love with assumption
And that dreaded hatred that spews.

But, both are useless without responsibility,
Equally useful when held with conviction.
speaking about love as if in fiction,
While condemning hate with itself.
Only the hypocrite denies himself.

You’re the man who
Hates hate,
Loves love.
You’re absurd. 

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