I have always found it odd that we ignore child abuse by women. We are all fully aware that men abuse children in many ways, society is awake to that fact, but why are we so blind to child abuse by women? One of the most dangerous situations for a child is where the male is not their own father – yet who’s fault is this? It could be the biological father’s, it could be the mother’s.

But let’s have a thought experiment:
A woman selects a man to breed with, and then is abused by that man, that child is then abused by that man. Is the woman utterly innocent when she selected a male to couple with who is abusive? No, of course she isn’t. Women are not innocent angels and we cannot pretend they are socially retarded just to make sure they don’t get blamed by anyone or society. That is infantilising women and thus disrespecting woman as a whole.

Now of course that man could be a smooth liar and had pretended to be loving, but do you seriously think that every single single mother was dating a man with an emotional IQ high enough to hide his abusive violent nature? That says a lot about said woman’s IQ level if she had no hint of his real self. I have no doubt that some men would be undetectable, but don’t apply it to all men because then you raise a child with the idea that they cannot trust men. When in reality their mother was a fool to couple with a bad man, and then to further couple and invite into the household more bad men to be around the child of the first one. The bad coupling produced an innocent child to be abused by that mother’s failure. The only reason that child can be abused by other men is because of the mother’s failure to identity the same problem over and over again, by coupling with men who leave or abuse, or both.

Why in today’s society can we only see the father’s failure? Could it be…we live in a matriarchy? *creepy piano music

5 thoughts on “The invisible child abuse of Matriarchy.

  1. Your own grammar and word choices prove that you are uncofmortable with seeing anything raw and prefer to appear innocent.

    You are the problem, if you let your dying society frame what is moral or just.

    Why is leaving an abusive woman the same as men abusing women? Is it because your fellow women will shit all over you for making a simple mistake of the heart? People change, and women seem to not understand that.

    Women are much more abusive going into relationships since they already have the concept the man is worthless unless he produces a child.

    You grew up in a shit hole Orthodox society ruled by Matriarchs and Metropolitans where the goal is to erase all identity beyond concubine and noble, slave and rich.

    I suggest you take a deep look at how an unbiased human would read your words, then adjust your mental constructs accordingly.

    You only validate what you look for, so learn to look for both sides in every issue, then chose the third side. Society in America highlights failed mothers just as much as it does failed fathers. Your culture does not, because your Orthodox media is rigged.

    But one thing is abundantly clear: your value as a man or a woman is not based on having children or engaging in sexual relations.

    If you still cling to that caveman attitude of Eastern societal standards, you are seriously a subhuman and an enemy of the world at large.

    Why are children not adopted in Russia?

    Because of men with patriarchal attitudes designed to absolve them of having to change. Getting leather shoes and fast cars or new bikes and CAVIAR does not make you new or fresh, in any way.

    Watch what you write. The Machine can move faster than you.


    1. You have made quite a few assumptions, I am not from Russia or an Orthodox nation: I am from England which is deeply secular and Protestant. My view and comments are from my experience of people in the predominatly western world: the way they ignore female abuse, and how single mother’s abuse of males is ignored, while we obsesses over the patriarchy and the abuses performed by men: that is not equality, nor is it helping society to view things in such a feminine obsessed way and worldview. We need both the masculine and feminine view to work together and concentrate on the flaws of our society to try and bring us forth into something better which our nation and people deserve.

      My value as a man is defined by my wife and children, thank you very much, and if that makes me an enemy of the world that is fine with me, I’ll carry on carrying my cross, it’s my purpose and job.

      God Bless.

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  2. You’ve brought out some very important points here. A former British prison doctor (Dr. Anthony Daniels writing as Theodore Dalrymple) has some fascinating things to say on the subject and you might want to look at his writings. He relates how abused women were hooking up with a new abuser–while they (the women) were still in the hospital, recovering from abuse. Try to figure that one out. Another excellent essay on this is by US talk show host Dennis Prager “Are Women Malcontents?” Required reading. Thanks for this.

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