Hello everyone, I’m sure plenty of you who have been keeping an eye on this entire Kraut ordeal will have noticed me on most of the videos having debates, explaining the alt-right’s position, or at the very least cracking a joke at Kraut’s expense.

I first came across Kraut a good year or two ago when he was still calling immigrants cockroaches, and hating on the SJW community and Islam. I wouldn’t exactly call myself an avid fan, but I certainly agreed with much of his criticism of those communities. I’m not really sure if my opinion and position has changed, or Kraut is having a nervous breakdown over the Alt-Right. My friend sent me one of his first videos in the ‘the alt-right are too stupid’ series and I found myself annoyed at his arguments against arguments not made. For example, he said he could only find an online source and the Anonymous Conservative book, he then stated that the book itself had no sources in it when it has over 300, and the majority of these 300 are respected Science books – he said he could only find two sources, but one of those sources contains over 300 sources, a bit dishonest if you ask me. It helps that I have actually read it and must conclude that he didn’t, or he is too retarded to understand that the r/K theory is not just between species, but within species. The cuttlefish is the best example used in the book, the more K type cuttlefish fight each other in order to win the female’s attention and thus right to breed. The more r type cuttlefish pretends to be a female and then rapes the females in order to pass on its genes, while the K type is too busy fighting to notice. Somehow Kraut thinks this means that women need to lay eggs, and that the trout gets pregnant.

That’s just one example, but people have been noticing these blatant mistakes. Which is why so many are having a video fiesta against Kraut and his nonsense. He needs corrections endlessly. He creates such a huge ball of shit of a video, that it takes more energy and time to refute the huge ball of shit than the energy Kraut has spent on making a huge ball of shit, or you know, he could just stop making shit piles. After making his huge ball of shit video, he then accuses JF of doing exactly what he does – creating something which takes more effort to refute than the effort used to create it. This may be true, but in JF’s sake I think that is because he knows what he is talking about, while Kraut doesn’t and is spamming himself into oblivion.

He began his first video by mentioning the Dunning-Kruger effect in the first video, and has made five videos of him proving he suffers from it. He has gathered Youtube Scientists who clearly don’t know their stuff when it comes to actual Scientists correcting them, like the recording leaked of Sandre Speaks being corrected and being told JF is correct. Every single time Kraut makes a video it gets slammed down by JF just pausing it, explaining, going through studies and sources, and showing you that Kraut and co don’t really know what they’re talking about, and his next video will show that he didn’t watch the whole video of JF’s. So instead he will just pick a sentence and try to blow it apart.

One of the main tactics which should be taken in debates is to go for the stronghold. You are meant to go for the castle and slay the dragon, ripping the head off of the argument, not invade the castle’s shed and throw spades at your own head.

This leak also sealed Kraut’s reputation of being a pathetic and sly sociopath. Gathering doxing lists, and having an entire community going to ‘bring des bois down’ while also using racial insults himself. Sargon of Akkad was being a fence sitter because he admits he knows nothing about the subject, which is a fair thing to do. He mirrored Kraut’s flagged video under a false description, he then was corrected by Millennial Woes and Braving Ruin, and he later corrected the information. Since the leak Sargon has distanced himself and removed Kraut’s mirror. Vee has also done the same thing, which I respect him for. I am not a fan of Sargon or Vee but at least they are being honest, and distancing themselves from someone as repugnant as Kraut and his gay little minions.

If you wish to delve into this whole shit storm I would suggest starting with each Kraut video, and then watching JF’s reply to them as you finish each one of them. Alternative Hypothesis has also done a good job of refuting them. The funny thing is that I am Alt-Right, but had never heard of Alternative Hypothesis and JF until Kraut started this spastic struggle of his against the Alt-Right – he is making these people more popular while blowing his own legs off. I only watched Kraut’s videos on the Alt-Right because I wanted to see if his taking down would be educated and accurate to my experience with Alt-Righters. It is entirely off the mark, and I think the swarms of people abandoning Kraut is the evidence of that, but I guess I have to locate the Gene of those abandoning Kraut in order to prove it, so it isn’t really true or happening by Kraut’s logic…or something.

In the last video put out so far (except for his apology video), Kraut introduces a Youtuber known as OneSpecies to take down JF. He introduces him by saying he is known for taking down Creationists, as if that is a challenge for any one. A normal Christian can do that, never mind a hardcore Sceptic. OneSpecies seems to make the argument that because Science works by isolating a subject and drawing arbitrary lines around it to create a category in order to investigate, that race doesn’t exist because it is just an arbitrary category. So, he is saying that the basic tenets of Science prove that Science can’t Science in order to prove Race. What JF actually said was that science makes arbitrary boundaries (or better yet: particular boundaries) in order to investigate reality. Quite the different statement. Kraut’s friend has interpreted this as race doesn’t exist because it is arbitrary, thus a false classification. But what JF was saying is pretty basic Science, he just means that if you have a hypothesis you need to isolate the subject and make a category in which to study – if you didn’t the entire universe would need to be studied at the same time, So, if I want to investigate the differences between men and women for example, I shouldn’t investigate every single man and woman, nor should I include trans people, but the category of men and women in an arbitrary way (chromosomes and genitals). This is arbitrary, but arbitrary doesn’t mean not real.

Kraut is now using other people to take down the Alt-Right to spread his failure, I think this may be Kraut trying to put himself out of harm’s way by buying himself some time. When in reality all he has to do is invite Alternative Hypothesis or JF to a live-stream and just debate it out, and see what happens. His reluctance to do this is rather telling. He then published an apology video where he is saving face by throwing his team mates under the bus. It looks like he has set people up in order to take his fall. The tweets from Zeph are very telling of this entire shit storm.

You need look no further than Kraut’s Socialblade page which shows his sub losses. If you take a look at his last six videos since RageAfterStorm where he got her sacked from an unpaid job for making a video about race, he has sustained significant subscription losses. Concerning RageAfterStorm his excuse for getting her sacked was that she wasn’t being paid so you can’t say he got her sacked…a snake indeed.

Last time I checked Kraut’s Youtube it said he had 120 videos, when I’m sure it was 122 the day before. If you go onto his channel it says no content, if you go onto the video section it says no videos, and if you go on the about section it says ‘About those who censor opinions, literature and art;’ and then it is a line of stars with the word idiots in the middle. From this I can only conclude that Kraut is rage quitting after Zeph said he would be leaking the livestreams. How curious.

Kraut is forcing an early White Christmas for the Alt-Right and Race Realists. Kraut is killing himself and giving the Alt-Right a platform to show the community that the Alt-Right are less of a cancer than Kraut himself. Isn’t it funny that only 7 months ago Kraut made a video about how he hates the SJW community titled ‘Why I hate the SJW Youtube Community’, with a cover picture which says: ‘lying, doxing, blackmailing, extortion’. Seems Kraut has became exactly what he hates, jolly good show. At this point Kraut would be better off if he just gives up, and lets himself become an Alt-Right trophy lampshade.


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