Most people say things like:
1. Race is a social structure.
2. It has no biological basis.

Social structures are built out of biology because everything is biology, even your language, culture and how you interpret things.

Race is the classification of the differences between large groups of human beings which were given to us from our migration, and evolution through every single biological impact we have in our history. It basically just means sub-branch of the human species.

Quick example:
Malaria immunity due to having sickle cell anaemia, which then made the population increase in sickle cell anaemia because those who weren’t immune died. This is a simple example of how an environment can make one group of people have a physical trait and phenomena, which another doesn’t.

Race is usually put forward as mere skin colour by people who oppose the concept of race, now if you also include every single biological trait in the entire human species as well as skin colour – you end up with huge groups of people who share traits and do not share traits, we classify these as races in order to better study and understand them biologically. For example, the standard fox and an arctic fox are still foxes, but they are different enough to study them separately and to be able to classify them differently through their differences, as well as similarities.

This is a decent overall view of what I am trying to express, and it is done by a PhD Neuroscientist (CV for you to check –

Race Realism Explained –


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