The idea for a framework toward a National Separatist movement came to me after reflection over the current situations of the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is currently engaged in negotiations with the European Union over its leaving of it – the problem here is that it is forcing the UK to identify the problems of being made up of different people with different end goals, and even means. Just to begin with England and Wales voted Leave in the majority, while Northern Ireland and Scotland did not. So why should all remain or leave? Well, because we voted as a block, not as individuals, or as individual nations – we voted as four nations with a one state apparatus. This is where an inherent contradiction within the camp of both sides struck me. Those who wish to remain do not mind letting other nations leave, or even allow parts of the UK to leave. While those who wish to leave are leaving to separate from a super-structure which fails to represent them by being spread so thinly. If indeed we should leave the EU in order to be autonomous and leave a state made of many nations – why should the Welsh not leave the UK for being the same thing, but on a smaller and closer (historically and geographically) scale? If the Welsh nationalists wishes to leave the union of the British Isles and gain their own autonomy, they should have it. Let us imagine this happens and the North and South wish to separate so the differences can be recognised and served, instead of avoided and forcing the real identity of those natural nations underground to emerge under a veil of hatred and conflict. All people deserve their own autonomy, and we can only pool our powers into a state through the voluntary solidarity of the individual allowing themselves to become a group, for the individuals have a natural tribe of which they will enter voluntarily into the solidifying of the group and individual – the Nation. The National Separatist movement will support all people to have their own area and thus nation, consolidate that into a state and serve their kin.

In order to explain further I will need to go into exactly what I mean by the terms ‘national’ and ‘separatist’.

The terms Nationalist and Nation are of great importance, not because of some academic obsession of etymology which will serve no one, but because of what they when used conjure up and inflame. The Nation is not the State or the governmental apparatus, but the people themselves. The French and Latin origins of the word mean literally ‘birth’, this does not mean place of birth, but place of origin – bloodline. Civic nationalism is soil only and thus only half of a ruddy and mocked penny. It fails to take into account the natural and tribal (and by no means do I mean this as an insult) basis of blood and soil. Blood is the nation – the people, tribe and kin. Soil is the land of which the blood has placed and fed its family tree – the land used, the labour area, the nation’s plot of culture and landscape enriched and kept alive by common blood. The State is the governmental apparatus which nations use and consent to – the State thereby must represent and work for the tribe, rather than against it. Because of this the highest virtue of the State is to serve and preserve the nation through and for the good of the people – the State must always be subordinate to the nation. We must stand with the nation even if that means being against the State, as a State which doesn’t serve and represent the nation, and thus the people, are already against the nation and people.

This is what is meant by the word Nationalism – being for the people, and a State which serves the nation. There is no higher ideal than a State that works for the serving, preserving and prosperity (as a demographic, rather than mere riches) of the people. The highest virtue in such a State is the keeping alive of the spirit of the people and its fire.

The word Separatism conjures up images of segregation, rebellion and apartheid, which isn’t a surprising conjuration considering the modern world’s obsession with historical self-flagellation. However, if separatism is an ideal between people who want their own representation, then it cannot be put forward a vice, but a virtue. Every people, whether identifying with race, culture or religion have the right to associate as they like and to separate as they like. If as in the United Kingdom one nation wishes to separate and go its own way – so it should if those people want it. Sovereignty is not forced unity, but individuals defining themselves as groups with common interests and working towards them as one body of people – this is what we mean by nation. The state is only the mechanism and apparatus of how the nation is represented and the goals are implemented, but what matters is that each nation is full of individuals consenting to that nationalism and nationality. This is where separatism comes in – what happens when groups within a nation do not identify as one nation, but two within one state? Well, both will endlessly compromise, which pushes both sides to the extremes of utter integration or absolute separatism. Separatism respects the will of the people to identify themselves in their own groups. No group nor people should be forced together. Civil war or clamping down on individual freedoms will be the result. Both nations within the state will be abused, differences will be ignored and identity will become more and more important to those who are ignored. The right thing to do in this case would be to allow the two nations to actually become separate, and thus fully autonomous as two nations with their own state. So, two states for two nations – one each and separate. This allows the willing individuals of their nation to integrate and socialise with those which they consider their own. Thus, public trust will be maximised, and the avoidance of bureaucratic abuse will be minimised.

As a slight side note the term ‘national separatist’ does conjure up a rebellion image and traps us in the thinking terms of left and right. For this reason, the term ‘Alternative Nationalism’ may be used instead. 


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