My father never loved me,
And few ever will.
Just like the men who act as ‘we’:
Stained by the name of our father’s still.

I’m not evil,
Good nor bad.
I demand that you live;
Live like a screaming baby until you fade.

Mankind’s history ran through mud,
Above all else have you stood.
Do what you know, not what should.
No words wasted on what you could.

Grab life by the horns:
Those horns are mine.
Don’t martyr with a crown of thorns.
Kill yourself only by time.
And you tell me
Like an angel you want to shine.
In this world that’s not how it comes to be.
In order to shine you have to wade through the slime.

And you’re the slime that coats my skin.
I could eradicate you all, apes.
But you would live on within.
So pile dirt up on your slate.
I can wait.
To see your fate,
And surpass you like everything else before.

I’d like to tear off your wings
To remove the lies that all your woes bring.

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