When it comes to Fascism all talk gets complicated, or even bogged down with nonsense. What I am attempting to do here is sum up what the Fascistic spirit means on a social scale and on a personal level too. So, what does it mean to be a Fascist on a social level – first of all, the awareness that equality is nonsense which only weakens society and our entire stock, punishes the strong and rewards the weak and thus furthers the weak to become the majority and the standard – the lowest common denominator ends up being the judge of morality, and democracy helps this happen. This intimately couples into the acceptance of hierarchy systems and the rejection of democracy which destroys hierarchy systems, or at the very least changes the values and morality to the most-accepted by the most people, instead of what makes society strong and well structured.

Romanticism (and by this, I mean a radical acceptance of the reality of nature, but also the rejection of ‘by reason alone’) informs the reaching up to raise oneself to a higher standard, and thus climb up the hierarchy – this romanticism coupled with idealism means you envision what man, and of course yourself and family could be if only you reached up and banished your weaknesses through hard work on yourself and your family.

This imagining of a better you and the journey towards it, and the sheer force which allows you to achieve it is usually termed the will to power – which is the healthy urge to be and do better through competition and a radical acceptance of the reality of the hierarchy of dominance and competence. This means when you identify someone as better than you in a way, you learn from them and respect their authority, instead of pretending you’re equal and that they owe you respect for your lack of skills. Equality is unnatural and the starting axiom of all systems which excuses the abuse of the strong for the sake of the pathetic. Equality is dysgenic – and by this I mean it has a damaging effect on society as a whole and will merely reduce it with every generation of enforcement.

Another social implication of Fascism on a social level is the acceptance of standard sex roles and the pushing of them to further limits in order to better ourselves – so a boy should want to be as skilled and strong as possible to find, or force and carve his place on the hierarchy while also respecting authority (which has proven itself – a culture of challenging unproved authority should thrive under Fascism). This is bound by tradition and the history of what such roles mean in your nation and to your people of course – but, judging men and women as toxic when being natural and healthy is incoherent; judging weak and meek men and women as moral role-models is also incoherent. They are weak and should be pushed aside to make way for those who can prove themselves – they should not prosper, they should make themselves strong and fail to be weak.

Society should be based on the rule, and the exception should move aside and stay in the outer circles of society – which is why I reject the acceptance of homosexuality and all ideologies which rejects roles like fatherhood and motherhood. Any idea which rejects respect of one’s people, the destruction of one’s state, the destruction of the family, masculinity in men and femininity in women, and so on – should all be pushed down and seen for what they are – the radical undermining of one’s identity and the reducing of a healthy society to a pandering voracious false-mother.

This Fascistic urge to fulfil one self’s inner vision of what one could be is key to all of the major steps I have made in my life, and has led me to want all of the things we are commonly told is weak, or wrong or old fashioned – family, marriage, community building through religion and work, being a masculine man and wanting a feminine woman, and producing children, serving your area and local people, and making sure you leave a tradition and identity for your children to inherit and take on and be proud of. Pride of being a man, woman, father, mother, a nation and a part of a state, and so on. I am not just an individual. I have shared interests and goals, I must serve myself and my community – I serve myself through my people – an individual is not an atom, but part of a group, there is no individual without the group/family. The individual must work not for the entire nation, but for his local community and serve it, improve it and provide it with what it needs, so that community can provide for individuals what they need.

This is how family and legacy work together. Family passes on, while legacy is what you pass on. Community is the pool of common genes, interests and those who will receive the gift of the current harvest, while the individual is the one who does the breeding, the passing on, the work and the community building – man is not an atom, but a social animal who congregates and communes. Fascism is the natural coming together of those who wish to become strong – the family is the foundation of Fascism, the community is the building blocks, while the nation is the house: any house which does not realise it owes its existence and strength to its foundation and bricks is a house which falls, and should so. In this same sense, any individual which does not recognise its existence is owed to the family, its bulk and social power is part of the community, and that its power is magnified by the nation, is an ingrate and posing as a solipsistic atom, blind to where its power recedes and what it owes to the whole.

Economically, Fascism thinks the economy isn’t a means, but an end, and the end is serving the nation. Fascism does not believe that the most money per head is relevant to happiness or health (except in the most obvious senses, for example: healthcare). There is something much deeper which no riches or earnings will ever get us – I don’t want to be rich, or even well off, I want to struggle and I want to grow through that struggle. It makes strength or breaks the weak – this is why it and I reject materialism (to an extent – I do not reject the materialistic reality or the existence of the body, or the facts of the human body. Nor do I mean this in a Stoic or Christian sense of hating the body and its urges). Capitalism and success can often make a weak and pathetic nation, you may be rich and ‘happy’ but we are valueless and allowing ourselves to die out. Legacy matters, identity matters, struggle matters, and power matters. Morality should not be the highest pinnacle of our society, being nice or good shouldn’t be – honour should be, serving your people and maintaining a legacy and giving it to your children should be.

This separates Fascism from Communism in many ways, but the most obvious is the lack of Utopian goals. Fascism does not want a Utopia, and idealism does not get us there – Fascistic idealism foresees how to make society strong and how to maintain a legacy. There is no utopia there. With that comes the radical rejection of the notion that violence, war and conflict are bad – conflict is essential. Violence can be a legitimate action and so can war. We should not be shying away from conflict – we should be throwing ourselves into it. Forging a stronger, newer society through conflict like an endless hammering of weaknesses out of a hot blade.


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