#141 – A way

It is often portrayed as if poverty brings a certain grace. Romanticised by the rich and well-off alike. How inspiring: their grubby, dirty faces. How their situation takes our hearts to strike. All of those who think it be Shows themselves to be fake. And all of those who think like me Fail not to see How … Continue reading #141 – A way

#140 – Red

Behold, then betray Those who walk my way. Sweet and silver the lips that don't obey, And utter words that make you pay, In debt to me with every word I say. I will have my way, And you yours. And until the seas run red up to the shore, Until your blood doesn't run any … Continue reading #140 – Red

#139 – Unsung

Delicious skin underneath blackened hair, Seen through the clothes with imagination. Your eyes that demand my stare, And a body that deserves more than veneration. Red, blushing succulent cheeks being bared, Looking like the mistaken vegetable fruit. To see us into a night for us to share, For passion to take root. I wonder, curiously how we would fair If I … Continue reading #139 – Unsung

#135 – Ask

Kill a brother for the lines in sand, Behold: Man's decline. It might be your holy land, But it sure as hell isn't mine. So talk of your god, That perfect being. Spoken about like man: flawed. Our fates are darkened you've assured. And as the clouds above darken our sky, We must ask the question why: Why … Continue reading #135 – Ask