#158 – Nihil

There is no freedom, No truth, No way out But negation. Your dreams, hopes, wants, joys, And life are ethereal. Fragile and fading. All hail, The risen and fallen gods. Rising they screamed, Falling they whisper. Everything you have gained, Everything you have said, And done And will do: Will be but inaudible Whispers to this universe. The … Continue reading #158 – Nihil

#157 – Torture

Come unto me and under my wings of darkness. I shall love you in no way you knew possible. And with a thousand blushes delivered from The tongue that makes even the whores blush: And with a thousand lashes this tongue will whip You infinitely into a passionate frenzy.

#156 – Extinguish

If my physicality was not limited by physics: If my deeds were expanded to include all possibilities; I would perform the profoundest 'evil' upon mankind. To descend this solar system into unending darkness I would take our sun into my hand like a tiny hot coal, And stub out its flames upon my tongue.

#155 – I have

I've taken to dinner, made them and received them. I've brought an amount of roses to match the years for their birthday. I've wrote poems to express my profoundest appreciation. I've filled pages of confessions about my passions for just that person to read. I've whispered things into the ear of a lover that I … Continue reading #155 – I have

The Schizophrenia of Feminist thinking.

If we are to listen to these incoherent beta males and failed female feminists, we are told to conclude that women have been systematically oppressed by men, and by the male oriented system such men have built. Well, let's use an example to explore the feminist ideology and how it deals with the two sides … Continue reading The Schizophrenia of Feminist thinking.