I have lived so far knowing what I think,
And knowing what I feel.
Can’t help but thinking of mortality.
The prayers said at the grave to which they kneel.
And I know when the time comes and I lay dead
I will be complete, no more deeds to be done.
No more words said
And I will be judged as one of you.

But it breaks my heart to know
I can’t correct when you get me wrong.
My intentions, my words, everything I have ever written:
The secrets lay buried inside my empty head.

The biggest fear for me
Has always been that which I have done
Shall stay hidden to all around me
And lost to an unrecorded history.

Forgotten will be the words I said.
Forgotten my intentions when I whispered of love
To the sweetest being in my heart.

Forgotten the scent my fingers made while brushing
Past the thorns and flowers of life,
Which both stuck to me like brambles and filled
My senses with enjoyment to be alive.

Gilded with my words, this life has been.
Shall be, shall have been.
And what is recorded,
Shall be little of what was seen.

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