#153 – Leviathan

The sovereign come, The sovereign be. Of all men and women which doth make me. Sword and crosier to exercise my right, I am made of peasants and noble folk. No rebellion, no civil fights To be had, because the people are my yoke.

God’s mistake – Liberalism and Totalitarianism

When it comes to society and how we construct it we often run into a few issues. Primarily, the problem of politics is where rights do and do not extend; which leads to the discussion on whether taking those rights is ever right. Within modern society Liberalism is the status quo, and with that comes some essential assumptions … Continue reading God’s mistake – Liberalism and Totalitarianism

#149 – Shell

I've witnessed the generations decaying in their open grave. I've wondered upon the profoundest truths and lies. I've wandered being everything in life, but the slave. I've waited for the kingdom from the skies. And it seems to me That all that can be Is united in the element of 'we', But we find it hard to … Continue reading #149 – Shell