I – The Father of darkness
I rise,
As I bury my throne deeper.
I fall,
As I bury myself in slumber.

I rain,
Like rays upon thy
Like the blood when flayed which
Stains your legacy.
I – The unquestionable tyrant of heresy.

Curse the sun!
O’ blackened sun of the morning.
Curse the son!
O’ holy son of man.
Curse the sun!
O’ decrepit angel of mourning.
Curse the son!
O’ I – Unholy being of one.

Three heads that sleep,
Four crowns I keep:
Five directions I point,
By flames of Hell, I anoint.
Lucifer – Satan,
Crowned and king.
Belial and Leviathan;
Princes and seeking.

The shining, angelic prince has gone.
The dark lord, your father has come.
Putting me on a scale won’t grasp my tenacity,
Because I am no mere slant of duality.
Pan’s pipes luring you into tyranny’s lullaby,
Elohim and Hasatan are anything but Gemini.

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