#174 – Flatmate

A Satan she that named coinage be. What mess, what poison shall we smell and see? Durst we to kitchen venture: food to seek? Dost we know her presence from the foul reek? Sight of filled sink confirms suspicion, Descends us to anxious dereliction. Aroma singes eyebrows with onion's smell, In our cooking's realm to turn … Continue reading #174 – Flatmate

#172 – Of disobedience

You expect of me that supplicant knee bent with obedience eternally like the child born new and fresh from your being; just as I, to you, have come. This knee now unbent, straightened with disobedience to defy, refuse and stand against you. For thou art my father, maybe, but you are no parent of mine. You think by creation alone you earn my doubtful … Continue reading #172 – Of disobedience

#171 – Carve

Carve your name into my chest. Make it so I cannot sit, nor rest. Carve your heart into my eyes. You couldn't, Even if I gave you the knife, And laid myself down in front of you. You think the world owes you, With nothing but the love of your mother, Or the lack of … Continue reading #171 – Carve