I invoke the Satanic spirit and rebellious nature.
The gift of Prometheus and the chaotic sphere.
I keep the black flame blazing to illuminate the void.
Order, categories, forged by the mind to morph reality
Towards my aim. Lucifer, o’ great and sovereign light, my
Father, my Sun: the burning, blazing, beating heart of one.
Aware of the concepts I place on reality: Belial, the
Crown and prince of nothingness. The still heart of Nihil.

Nullification, negation. I am something, not a
Nothing. I invoke my lord: Which beest me.
The spirit lives inseparable from I.
Lilith in herself respect came to reject
Authority, but not her own. Lucifer out of
Self-love came to accept himself as God.

I evoke the unholy presence:
Luciferi, o’ unclothed Sun.
Belial, o’ insatiable void.
Satanas, o’ infernal flame. O’ son:
My weakness to be destroyed.
I invoke in me your essence.
The fire of life; to burn and cinder.
The passion to live; and cut asunder.
I believe in Satan, and by that
I mean all that is me.

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