The gates of Hell are locked from within 

If we are to ponder on God’s goodness, it strikes us as unloving that Hell would be allowed for all eternity with sinners within it. This is usually put forward as a well thought out argument against the goodness of God. My aim here will be to show you that it is in fact a … Continue reading The gates of Hell are locked from within 

#186 – On marriage and children

Suffering and virtue mixed with the seed: Fornication and obligation, Onwards we breed. She walked hand in hand with heavy womb; Pollinated - the legacy escapes the tomb, And onwards we bloom. A weight, a burden, a physical prospect. A lightened mental load, A burden made lighter by the day. The liege, heir apparent reigning upon its subject. The new-born with the world to mould, … Continue reading #186 – On marriage and children