It’s over, it’s done.
As if it had never even begun.
That’s what they always say,
Before they go back to their old ways.

Wandering in fear,
Wondering over the cheers,
Over all the fallen tears
And all the nears and fars
Of the man I am,
The man I was
And am becoming.

O God, hear me out,
Not to justify, but to confess.
To acknowledge my wants and needs,
My crippled deformities of good things.

In a dream and real life
She came to me with her moonlit kiss,
With the sword of Damocles between gritted teeth.
She cut and hacked and sliced at me,
Leaving the image of a broken man and a hope.
No unjust act did she commit.
She saved me with her wandering eyes,
The eyes only for me, wondering only for me,
On me.

Before you, O God,
Hear my acknowledgement.
Feel my torn heart and fallen tears.
Pity me not, but lift me up.
Let me transcend my crippled, broken state,
And to offer some solace to the world.

I raise my arms to the sky,
Bowed in worship and respect.
Ready for whatever comes my way:
If my end is nigh
If my courtship is correct,
This is why I pray.

Save me from myself,
From my moral leprosy.
I push down all the good in me,
And come back always to my crippled self.

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