Dear reader,

This is just a quick update about my WordPress. As many have probably noticed my writing and thus posting has been rather sporadic lately. Since Mid-June this year I have been working and trying to secure as many hours and days as possible in order to help my family and our future plans for children. Because of this my writing has been very on and off, and for that I apologise. I even took four months to reply to a friend’s email! Now that I am more used to my work hours and more secure in my job I should be less tired and be able to use my free time better. I am hoping this allows me the energy levels to use that spare time to write more again.

Right now I am working on editing a short story that I wrote a while ago, but just needs some heavy work on it to bring it up to posting standards. Because of work I have also been reading a lot less (about 2-10 pages a day, instead of my usual 40-ish) which means I have been producing no essays lately. I want to reverse that too. I am currently working through all of my Plato books and want to write a short essay on Greek philosophy.

I have only written a few poems since June, so I also want to pump them out on a more regular basis. So, I hope I can go back to writing more, and giving you more to read. One other thing that was ruining my urge to write was the fact that my laptop has been so over used to write during four years of University that the letter buttons are falling off. R clicks oddly, E and I don’t press down properly, and T is completely gone…and those are pretty much all of the most used letters in the English language, nice. But I have good news on this front: I have a new keyboard which I am using right now to write this message, it certainly is making typing less stressful and hard on my fingertips. Ripped off glued down buttons are a bit jagged for your constant typing finger tips I have found.

I am also going to be offering poetry tutoring for $5 on my Patreon, here is the link if you are interested or want a look:

‘For $5 I will take a look at your poetry and give you editing advice, edit for you and also try to help you in your style and expression so you can more clearly convey the message you wish to give when constructing said poem.

Even if you do not write poetry and just have a sentence that you wish to turn into a poem to give to a loved one, I am happy to help make that possible.’


So, this ends my quick update. I hope this message finds you all well and I look forward to giving you all more to read.

Thank you and God Bless.

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