The Daily Mail wrote a short article about a young woman of twenty eight (how old do you have to be in order to not be a young woman now? Over thirty?) who died during a train journey. It is believed that during the train journey she leaned her head out of the carriage and received a head injury which killed her. While reading it I noticed how carefully the language was crafted in order to be as neutral as possible, but this neutrality is awkward and just resulted in me reading it cynically.

Apart from looking like a boy (before anyone is shocked that she is trans when it is announced – I called it first here.) she looks just like your usual young socialist trying to appear hard done-by by wearing basic cloths which middle class people wear to look more working class, which clashes and then just makes them look like a champagne socialist. So you can imagine how wowed I was when I read how she was a charity worker which means unemployed, or voluntary which is unemployed, or being paid by the state to pretend they are making a difference while virtue signalling in store fronts – look, we are doing something good, vote for us again! The paper also stated that she was a chair of a young socialist group, and was ‘working’ for the Welsh Refugee Council, having graduated university five years ago. The charity that she ‘worked’ for was a UK-wide Refugee Council that works to help asylum seekers and refugees in Wales (where she is from and was located.)

The paper also stated that she was a campaigner and chairman of Young Socialist Cardiff (again, she was twenty eight. Was she about to be thrown out for being too old?), and had given a speech earlier this year arguing that the UK government was ignoring asylum seekers’ rights to work and receive education. So, while it is a shame that she died in such an accident through a head injury, it seems she was already suffering from a severe head injury.

Original article:
‘Pictured: Charity worker, 28, who died from serious head injuries after leaning out of train window on her way home from Christmas market’ Daily Mail –

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