Boredom makes the strongest weak:
Base desires, self-destruction we seek.
What can we do when our heart is wrapped in boredom?
And when she you lust is dressed in boredom?

Indulge, just for a single stupid fleeting moment,
Ruin your life and what you built.
Was it worth it? No, but you’d do it again;
We all know how easy it is to be weak
When base desires we seek
Out and slay ourselves.

Addiction, you need correction.
How do you correct what your bones are made of?
Naked and all alone, living within my flesh and bone.
Addicted to affirming my existence and yours.

One moment at a time:
Interrupt my hollow-confirmation.
Feeding me in the moment but it’s oh so
Cruel, it’s over. The time is never long enough.

Indulging in this fragile moment.
The one that passes as it came.
What boredom does to a being so empty
Unless filled. We are one when fooled
For a single second.
Desiring to be released we imprison ourselves.
In a cage made of sensual organs.

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