Warning: review contains SPOILERS!

Concerning George Orwell’s novel ‘1984’:
The thing that I loved about the novel was that after room 101 Winston was empty and somewhat retarded in the sense that he found it hard to think, remember and also to figure things out. This for me suggests that he had been in room 101 before (before the novel started) as he already knew the fear of rats and the black wall that separated them. And because whenever he tried to think straight or remember things, such as his wife it was unclear and he found it hard to think and reclaim memories. So, I think he had already been to room 101 and was slowly coming out of that mental retardation that the ‘training’ had caused in him (which is shown throughout the novel). And was again admitted to 101 (which is the end of the novel). Which suggests that it is an endless cycle of being ‘trained’ to love Big Brother, and then being readmitted to the ‘training’ every time said person begins to rebel and regain their reason, and thus their hatred of Big Brother.

A further thing to note is the speech about the heretic, the enemy, the face to always smash your boot into. This is a profound statement when applied to politics and world relationships. Where an enemy fails to exist, an enemy will be created for society to work from. It is a supply and demand problem: if there are no racists in society they will be wormed out and invented via mistakes in judgements; a modern version of this is when a person is merely described, or incorrectly named, and thus the charge of racism is brought in. Or, even the consistent and almost irrational charge of sexism when merely referring to oneself, or talking from one’s own perspective. When the supply of enemies, for example racists or sexists, runs low; society will begin inventing them. For when a society has a common enemy, it can work towards something and also work against it: it can compare itself to its enemy and be happy at how superior it is compared to this pathetic, ignorant threat. The common view of the world is that love unifies, but unity through hatred is eternal.

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