A brilliant novel that really draws you in. What I particularly like about this book is how King builds the character of Jack. Jack is not just a bad man, or a man who is flawed, but deeply troubled, as well as actually quite a sympathetic character who clearly adores his sometimes overly weak wife and his unusual child. He doesn’t randomly switch like a psychopath, but is for the most part a good father with an anger issue and a few demons to deal with from his childhood. This is what makes the novel such a pleasure to read. Wendy is weak, but also a passionate and loving mother. Jack is abusive, but also a loving and strong man. Dan is easily abused, but also a clairvoyant and a strong child.

The dimensions that King gives his characters in this novel are more life-like, because they are not simply the bad guy, or weak woman, or easily harmed child. This makes the entire novel an easy read, and one that flows without interruption from one-dimensional characters like so many badly written books of fiction. Add to it the horror and claustrophobia of a mysterious hotel with demonic presences hidden in every inch of wallpaper, under every bed and drowned in every bathtub, and you have a book which rivets you with emotion, horror and interest. After finishing this book, I couldn’t help but be jealous that I didn’t write it, but I must admit I don’t have the talent to do such a thing even if I had the same idea (For The Shining ((1977)) as King. King really did outdo himself with his writing in this novel. A superb, almost perfect horror novel. Well done Stephen King, I cannot wait to read The Shining book 2: Doctor Sleep (2013).

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