Let’s have a celebration 
To celebrate the night, 
The cold delight 
Of seeing frost and ice. 
Covered houses, covered flesh. 
A native gene and phenotype to love 
The cold and covered people. 
This is within me. 
The cold, the frost, 
The early mist, my rolled-up sleeves. 
The painful breath in, 
The smoking whispers out. 
For a thousand years 
This cold has run through my veins and 
For a thousand more 
It shall remain and reign. 
So, let’s celebrate the fact 
That frost and cold has come back, 
While the sun lives inside us. 
Let us hail the celebration 
Of all the love and inspiration 
That cools my Nordic genes. 
Because it’s a frosty night: 
A calm, cold delight. 
Covered skin and covered roofs, 
To celebrate the fact 
I’m meant to be here; 
In this time, 
In this location, 
In this season, 
In these native lands of mine, 
In this nativity amongst the cold. 

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