O’ Who was it, that man of Stuart 
Who hid during the Plague nurturing his own 
To spill forth and express through his poetic 
Mouth, for his eyes had failed: became a 
Prophet dictating to his daughters that which 
Explains the subtle charm of Satan, 
And God’s divine mercy and his 
Sovereign supreme Justice. 
O’ what man supported the sword’s edge 
On good Carl’s neck, our king you 
Dethroned, beheaded and Cromwell you 
Supported. Republican, your virtues and eyes on 
Liberty, but you forgot of who you 
Are from. Not a Republic, but a Monarch: 
Where were your High Tory values; did 
You forget or were you blinded? 
While you are respected as an Orthodox 
Christian, you weren’t one. Arian, that old 
Heresy that you held close. No matter, 
Your words, your passion, your purpose 
Was pure: enflaming the passion until 
They cool into reason; thus, the change 
Grows on you – baptised by Paradise refound. 
So, what shall we do, you Legendary Englishman? 
We should remember and consider your words eternally: 
‘Consider what Nation it is whereof ye are.’

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