Hello dear reader,

Yesterday (Wednesday 16th January) my WordPress site received its 10,000th view! This year has barely begun and I have already achieved my first 1000 likes and my 10,000th view. Now I need to go onward and achieve 10,000 visitors, I’m currently at 6,754. It would also be nice to receive 10,000 likes and 100,000 views! It would also be nice to achieve 1000 subscribers, I currently only have 127!

Of course these are long term goals. My less long term goals right now are to get published on good websites a few times this year, instead of just once like last year, and also to post more, and more regularly. Only 16 days into 2019 and it is going well already.

So to everyone who reads my work and has added to these numbers:
Thank you!

All the best and with love,

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