Under this mask of refrain
I hide a face of disdain.
Every laugh I hear
Grinds my teeth like gears.
Under this mask I hide my years
Of hating existence. If I had
One wish, it would be to be
Everyone and kill myself.

When women bare their teeth
From a compliment received,
I hate, my eyes blur, I can’t stand it.
I pretend nothing bothers me,
When everything does.
The idle chatter, the nonsense
Most of my thoughts are about:
I hate showing off of being alive.

If I had one wish,
It would be to consume
The world and vomit it up
For the shit that humanity is.

Under the mask you shall see
An endless hating rotting spiralling ecstasy.
Alone at night when I close my eyes
I watch the entire world die.
What is worse is what you can’t see,
That all of what’s under is truly me.

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