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I recently came across Resurrection Europa‘s YouTube channel, and more specifically his video ‘Jordan Peterson dismantled‘. I quite enjoyed the video and his many points against Jordan Peterson. Resurrection has expressed many points against Peterson that I have been struggling with for months, and I have been unable to express it in such a clear way as Resurrection. So, I made a comment and thought it was worth sharing here so people can see what I find so odd about Peterson on subjects such as Nationalism. Here is my comment:

‘His (Peterson’s) attack on nationalism and the ‘unearned gift’ of pride towards your ancestors was the first thing that made me question Peterson. I still liked him at the time, but I remember thinking he is making no sense. If I am a genetic and cultural manifestation of my ancestors, which I am, then I can take pride in my ancestors and what they did because if they did not do those things I would not exist to manifest the genes and culture which my ancestors brought forward to my time-frame and present, thus I am a manifestation of my ancestors and taking pride in what lives inside me and lived inside them makes biological and reasonable sense.

What lives inside me is my ancestors. Within me blooms all of my ancestors, they live within me and I am not merely me, but also them. I am a link in a chain, but also I am the chain itself. I am more chain than link. My ancestors gifted and passed down to me everything that I am, from themselves. To take pride in this is normal, natural and has nothing immoral about it, and I will pass that very same lineage to my children and raise them to be proud of it!’

Mentioned video:
‘Jordan Peterson dismantled’ by Resurrection Europa: https://youtu.be/WXYuqrO8LLo

Resurrection Europa’s YouTube page:

2 thoughts on “A comment on Jordan Peterson and Nationalism

  1. Have you read “Jordanetics” by Vox Day yet? It is a thorough dismantling and refutation of Petersons arguments in his “12 rules” and Vox lays out a great argument for Peterson being a “dead end” for nationalist inclined men. I just found your site- I came here as you were a top search for beginning orthodoxy reading list.

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    1. I haven’t no, but I have seen countless YouTube videos by Vox about his book on Peterson, it does sound worth the read. I’m sure I will get round to it soon enough. Thank you for the suggestion, and I hope the list helped!


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