How I wish I could sing
My song to you,
The highs and lows of how
I adore all that you are.
But, my voice falters, and breaks
Like everything in life eventually does.

So in my private time I
Construct a poem just to give
To you. To show you a glimmer
Of what I feel and
Wish to pass on:
What I want you to know.
But, my pen ink runs low. My
Mind fails. While my heart does not.

I am cursed to live on
Being unable to express that
Which I feel for you.
This world is cursed to keep
Turning, while my warbling fails
To reach a fevered pitch.

I am blessed to live on
With you, while being unable to express
That which we feel together.
But, how I would like to sing
A love song to you without the break
Or shake of a fragile world.

So I wish on, while I quietly hum to
Myself under my breath of love.

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