A reply to Jordan Peterson on Nationalism.

Ethnic pride and pride in one's ancestral achievements is wrong according to Jordan Peterson, because you didn't do it and you don't get to have pride in that: it's a burden. This is nonsense. When one takes on the burden of one's ancestors you are owning their achievements, the good and the bad, and the … Continue reading A reply to Jordan Peterson on Nationalism.

#224 – Meaning

Trapped within this dream Hearing your nightmarish scream. Woken by daylight's first gleam, I ask myself what does all this mean. Is this nightmare daily life Filled with struggle and daily strife? Where is my release? Will this ever cease? The depression decrease? And my happiness increase? Something about suffering makes me smile, It flows … Continue reading #224 – Meaning

The Temple of Dawn by Yukio Mishima, book review

The Temple of Dawn or Akatsuki no Tera in Japanese is Mishima’s 1970 novel. The third in his tetralogy known as the Sea of fertility, and extremely late in his writing career. This novel follows Honda once again, and the mad Siamese princess Chantrapa who believes that she is the reincarnation of a Japanese man and wants to be … Continue reading The Temple of Dawn by Yukio Mishima, book review

#220 – Honda

From a young age your mind Was that of a judge, a logician. Watching your romantic friend die, Washing away his spring snow spirit, Another friend breaking his bowels Like a spurred runaway horse, And another, but this time a love, Mesmerised your eyes with her Tanned thighs, but later died: a poison From a snake … Continue reading #220 – Honda