Hello everyone.

This is a reply to Eco Mal, who is a YouTuber and commenter. I will link to his account below. I can’t so much reply to a single video because they are all pretty much the same thing: a person who looks malnourished ranting about how stupid everyone is and how they act like a virus, while nature and animals do not. Well, humans are a part of nature and thus our nature is part of the very thing you seek to make humans be like already. He is clearly young and still fighting off the romanticism and idealism of rebellious youth and nihilism. He is what Vox Day would call a Gamma: someone who fails to be in the social hierarchy and is relatively see-through by pretty much everyone who interacts with him.

He has a firm rejection of hierarchy and a Disney view of the animal kingdom. For example he believes that no animals torture each other or that they do not enslave each other. Ignoring this happens with socially developed animals such as baboons and dogs. He thinks that no animal has a right over another, and that no human has a right over animals. This mixing of morality and reality is autistic. The mere fact of suffering existing does not makes the conclusion that suffering is immoral objective. This is a Sam Harris argument which cannot ever take off within moral realism. Hierarchy exists within socially developed animals in order to justify their position and to keep society working through competition and growth: this has nothing to do with morality. My position in the hierarchy is down to my society and what I do within it: it is clear that Eco Mal rejects this because he is dissatisfied in his social position: so he flips it on its head and proclaims his throne. This is common among people who are pushed out of the social sphere because they simply aren’t willing to take part in it, be trust worthy, not commit crimes and acts of aggression and because they have views and do actions which would cripple their society.

He also concentrates on attacking random people on YouTube and telling them they are terrible and immoral for considering marriage and children, informing them that the world is being ruined by overpopulation. But of course he only ever makes this argument to western people, and when shown the facts about the western world’s global impact compared to the rest of the world, instead of admitting his is preaching to the choir, he doubles down with his swearing and telling people they are immoral. He lives under the delusion that the western world is overpopulated and is the number one cause of environmental damage and death world wide.

Whatever arguments he makes which aren’t based on his social standing or lack of, could actually be honed and used to make decent points, but he ruins that with his abrasive swearing, his condescension which comes from a low hierarchical position, and acting like a lashing out woman. He could sharpen his arguments and put them forward calmly, but instead he will take a walk around a forest and swear at birds. One cannot help but assume that his name Eco Mal means Ecologically Malnourished.

Tally ho.

Eco Mal’s YouTube account:

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