Ethnic pride and pride in one’s ancestral achievements is wrong according to Jordan Peterson, because you didn’t do it and you don’t get to have pride in that: it’s a burden. This is nonsense. When one takes on the burden of one’s ancestors you are owning their achievements, the good and the bad, and the pride of such things is not a moral judgement or an individual action – it is a form of responsibility and the cherishing of one’s responsibility towards our past, and into the future.

His attack on nationalism and the ‘unearned gift’ of pride towards your ancestors was the first thing that made me question Peterson. I still liked him at the time, but I remember thinking he is making no sense. If I am a genetic and cultural manifestation of my ancestors, which I am, then I can take pride in my ancestors and what they did because if they did not do those things I would not exist to manifest the genes and culture which my ancestors brought forward to my time-frame and present, thus I am a manifestation of my ancestors and taking pride in what lives inside me and lived inside them makes biological and reasonable sense. I am, in other words, manifesting my gratitude for my existence and those who made it so: it is, in a way, an existential form of worship, a metaphysical burden to shoulder with a smile and a flutter in the heart at being able to carry your entire heritage within your body and pass it on as you manifest yourself in society. This transcends the individual.

What lives inside me is my ancestors. Within me blooms all of my ancestors and their traits, they live within me and I am not merely me, but also them. I am a link in a chain, but also, I am the chain itself. I am more chain than link. I am in a way, just as much myself as I am all of those who made me through their life’s work and sexual reproduction. My ancestors gifted and passed down to me everything that I am, from themselves to make me. To take pride in this is normal, natural and there is nothing immoral about it, and I will pass that very same lineage to my children and raise them to be proud of it! From birth you have been given something deeper than the mere machinations of the individual body you possess; you are a summation of everything that came before you. Honour your heritage, and create a lineage worth passing on, just as your ancestors did: with pride and responsibility manifest the voices and traits of a thousand successful ancestors.

It is somewhat unfunny that the icon of Jordan Peterson is the lobster. Aren’t lobsters selected and slowly boiled to death in a pot of water? Has the West not been targeted? Are we not in a pot ready to boil? No, Peterson wants you to boil as an individual and die without posing a threat to anything, but your bedroom’s hygiene level. Nationalism and Ethnic pride are wrong because you are a mere individual facing the heat of the universe alone, but alas, it is not true. You are beyond yourself and more than a mere individual. Know who you are, honour it and be proud as you take your rightful place and pass on what was passed on to you.

Try to bear in mind what Peterson is doing when he puts people off of Nationalism: he is trying to keep his Gamma audience from becoming fully integrated social beings who have become productive within society and with society. If his audience was to take on Nationalism, they would have no need for him, his advice or his books and world tours. Get back in the pot, bucko. It’s nice and warm in here.

For more detailed and in-depth criticisms of Jordan Peterson see Resurrection Europa’s videos, and Vox Day’s videos and his book on Peterson. I will link to both of their YouTube accounts below.

Resurrection Europa’s YouTube account:

Vox Day’s YouTube account:

This article was published 12th April 2019 on Counter-Currents:

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