The intellectual dark web is a collection of intellectuals who are changing the world for the good of everyone, especially in western society. I’m joking. No they aren’t. The intellectual dark web is a good example of what happens when Gammas begin to believe they are correct and actually have something to offer by stating the exact same thing as the current hegemonic ideology.

For example, Jordan Peterson refuses to use people’s pronouns. That doesn’t so much make him an intellectual giant, as just a normal person. His philosophy to solve the world is to be an individual. This ignores that within nature, it is more likely that the collective and society was able to allow the individual to manifest itself, thus the individual comes from society because we already have a collective to identify with and stand out among. Don’t make a last stand, stay in your house and clean it. Clean your room while Rome burns.

Peterson is a standard Liberal, and politically there really isn’t anything interesting, unusual, unique, revolutionary or rebellious about his stances. Which allows me to move onto someone else who basically has the exact same basic bitch liberal views as Peterson: Bret Weinstein. Yes, the man who went into his school on a no white day to cash in on him being a Jew. What a rise to fame.

Next is Dave Rubin, who used to be a progressive and is now just a standard liberal like Bret and Peterson. He hosts an interview channel where he interviews pretty much anyone who doesn’t sway to the left or right. They seem to be exclusively globalists and liberals, rather than genuine leftists or rightists. He also hosts a very large percentage of just one racial group, they make look white but they aren’t.

Who’s next? Sam Harris of course. Jewish identitarian atheist liberal! When not defending Israel and criticising Islam, he is putting forward atheism and harmony with all people, except the religious. He contradicts himself when he speaks about white nationalism being one of the worst evils in the world, while he defends his own ethno-state which destroys native people without a care, and is actually helped by the US – this seems to be the one thing that the US does which he doesn’t criticise, and of course he is always ready to shill for intervention whenever he smells blood for the cause and gain of Israel.

Eric Weinstein is the brother of Bret and seems to have identical views, but he wraps them up in intellectual language. He invented the term ‘Intellectual dark web’ as a semi-joke to describe these rising people who were challenging the mainstream. With a name like Weinstein, it’s hard to see the lack of mainstream.

Christina Hoff-Sommers is a Feminist who disagrees with modern Feminism! Wow, based! When she isn’t pretending to mother her fans, being oddly flirtation in casual conversion and pushing gender equality she just expresses completely standard liberal views like the rest.

Joe Rogan is a heavy hitter with his podcast, first started with his unfunny friend Brian Redban. That’s an odd name Mr. Redban, why are you so empty headed? It’s not like drugs make you stupider, we wouldn’t know anyway because he seems to have started dumb. Rogan isn’t much better, he seems honestly interested in finding things out, but seems to know 1% of everything. Which basically means he knows almost nothing about everything. Grug wanna talk! Rogan and Sargon of Akkad should get on, both have a child which isn’t their’s and is of a different race. NOICE! Marrying a Jewish woman and being cucked is based as hell! But like, bro, have you heard about the stoned ape theory? It’s entirely possible!

Douglas Murray is basically identical to Sam Harris, both agree that the west is under attack and is dying: and what is the solution? To assimilate everyone coming in! It’s not like that isn’t already working is it. Murray is also particularly sensitive about a certain group of people he belongs to, and also rather upset with Islam for being its enemy. No point going into detail about Michael Shermer, Murray and Harris are his clones. Douglas Murray reminds me of Kraut and Tea with his pronounced British accent. I wonder if they have anything in common.

Ben Shapiro is barely out of left wing, never mind right wing. His apparent right wing views aren’t so much right wing as merely Jewish-ethnonationalism. There is nothing wrong with being proud of being Jewish or having a Jewish home land, except when, you know, you won’t let any other people have their own home land or be proud of themselves. He is a basic bitch cuckservative and a Jewish identitarian.

Steven Pinker is a standard basic bitch liberal who would be more intelligent and have better positions if he stopped listening to his empty headed moronic wife. Both are Jewish. Seriously, check out any of her works or a video with her in it. She talks like a schizophrenic with a victim complex. Her name is Rebecca Goldstein.

And who is the king of the intellectual dark web? I nominate: Howard Bloom! What a guy! He accidentally started the sixties, he also crushed the entire scientific community by proving that science can’t science but would be able to science if only they scienced how he scienced. When he isn’t staring into the abyss by ramming his head up his own anus hole, he is pretending to be behind movements and world events which he barely even took part in. He is like a reverse revolutionary: instead of changing the world while keeping his identity secret, he is ramming his identity into your kosher subway sandwich while he changes nothing at all, and has no affect on anything but your ability to listen to him. So he can be the leader of this group. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day he woke up and realised that he invented the universe. Also he can do one hundred push-ups, or was it a thousand. I can’t remember, nor can he. He was also in bed from fatigue for like thirty years. How do you be bed-bound because you have a crippling disease, but also do one thousand push-ups every morning: because you’re Howard ‘The Party’ Bloom, that’s why. I mean just look at this face and tell me it isn’t the face of an intellectual movement which will take all the power!

Howard Bloom, the face of an intellectual thought leader.

So, what is the intellectual dark web? It is a group of mainstream thinkers who stand for the current intellectual hegemony and are going to change the world by making it exactly how it was in the 90s. Wow, can’t wait to go back to my childhood! Do we get Blair, Clinton and Bush again? Can’t wait for more Neo-Cons, I mean Liberals, I mean group of a particular ethnic group, I mean…radical thinkers from the intellectual dark web!

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