The major difference between healthy men and women is that a woman’s world is made of emotional states, while a man’s world is made of codes/patterns like honour, or nation, or ‘reason’. This means that a woman will have a child and/or sex for emotional reasons, while a man has a child and/or sex for more rational and ruled based reasons as well as the emotional grounding it creates between two people (the bond through pleasure and intimacy) – in this sense men have to have codes and push them onto women in order to ensure the children are his (or at least to ensure that when they do have children they would be his), while a woman doesn’t have the biological worry that the child she is carrying is hers because she is a woman, thus women think men are being controlling when they are ensuring the survival of themselves through their codes and rules.

Feminism in general wishes women to push rules aside and do as they like, but by doing so you destroy men, family and the nation you are of. In this sense Feminism is deconstructive to pretty much everything except for the base desires of women. The major problem with that is that it treats women as if they are in a void, and pretend that this way of being in the world won’t have implications, and a cause and effect on society as a whole. Women are not in a void as atomised individuals: they are members of society, with relationships, families, husbands and children. When you take responsibility away from women, and ensure that their base desires are allowed to rule them, you take away the natural punishment which keeps women within set parameters which are good for them, their nature, society and everyone in a relationship with them. If women are in general more emotionally tuned towards people and society, that is where and how you must punish them when they are destroying society. Men should also be punished for such acts, but that is a different conversation all together. Emotions may be the reason that woman cheat, but we must make it clear that while it may be the reason, it is not an excuse. Such an excuse should be met with ostracisation and mockery from men, and especially from the females she in in society with.

She seems to have deleted the video ‘Why Women Cheat’, this is where it was:

Ashley Elisa’s YouTube page:

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