This has been a concern that I have had for a long time. My problem with PJW and Sargon is how unoriginal they are by using other people’s interpretative frameworks endlessly, without really adding anything of their own into it, nor identifying that that is what they are doing.

A good example is when Sargon explained the riots in England to Jared Taylor as a class conflict: for some reason Sargon is living in the 1970’s when conflicts were about economic status, rather than about differing groups of people from all over the world who have world views which conflict – that’s a bit more serious than a white working class and white middle class man having an argument about their society.

While with PJW, He Disagrees with Islam and Sharia Law because it is NOT Liberal, but he doesn’t look at Islam or Sharia law as an objective manifestation of an ethnic group and its needs, and how such needs and manifestations don’t apply to the Anglo-Saxons, which is why it is oppressive to us. Or to say it simply, it is a foreign ideology of a set people being pushed onto a set of people who can’t work under it, just as the middle-east cannot work for its people with an American propositional society of democracy.

People like PJW and Sargon never go any deeper than a mainstream criticism which can be found in every university on both sides of the aisle.

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