Hello dear reader,

I’m sure none of you need an introduction to James Charles, and if you don’t then stop reading this article, your life will be more blessed without knowing of him. With that warning over, allow me to begin.

James Charles represents the materialism of the modern age. Watch any interview with him and the shallowness is apparent. It oozes out of the screen like running makeup. His niceness is plastic and see through, while his vapid statements, laugh and interactions are reminiscent of two middle aged divorced women having a conversation with each other in a public space. To each of them, they are having a great conversation, while to anyone within eyesight or earshot of said conversation, it is evident that they aren’t actually talking to or communicating with each other, but to themselves. They sing the hymn of solipsism, fulfilling something in themselves which they both need. Like two alcoholics drinking in the same room in silence.

James Charles is a teenager (he is 19, and is 20 on May 23rd 2019: in ten days – Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Charles_(model)) and thus hasn’t fully developed yet as a person, so there is still hope for people like him. But as it is right now, he is a vain homosexual who pressures young heterosexual men into believing that they might be homosexual too. How is that not a form of abuse? I’m sure that anyone not mentally or morally damaged will agree that that is wrong. This kind of abuse is quite common within homosexual relationships, yet such people and relationships are usually pushed as vibrant, joyous and full of soft fluff.

Another absurdity about him is that he uses his makeup to look androgynous, but women are taking makeup advice from him in order to look more attractive. Yes, I’m sure looking like a jail-bait aged fem-boy will really bag you a real man with real standards. If you want to look like something which confuses straight men into being abused by you, go ahead and take his makeup advice. Don’t be surprised when your boyfriend leaves you for a more vibrant and diverse homosexual relationship.

For anyone masochistic enough, visit his Instagram page. His photos are heavily sexualised, while he looks like a prepubescent feminine boy. The shallowness and sexual materialism is on full display. All of this would be troubling even if it was merely a rarely visited area of the internet, but he has over 15 million followers on Instagram. He did have many more million on YouTube but recently he has suffered a backlash for his homosexual abuse of his partners and apparently betraying his friend. He also has a Twitter page but it has considerably less followers.

Of those 15 million followers, many must be young, maybe even children or young teenagers. Imagine holding your beautiful baby boy in your arms after your wife gives birth: would you be glad that he grows up to become a chapless-pants wearing voyeur magnet, who pressures heterosexual men into homosexual intercourse? I’ll let you answer that question in the privacy of your own mind. But I’ll answer it for you, no, I would not be glad nor proud. I would be worried. I do not believe he is a good role model for young people. He is actively abusing people around him, and doesn’t seem to possess much of a self except externalising his vanity.

Thank you for reading,

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