#169 – Grin

Perhaps that be a whore you see. Or perhaps a young, virginal, unmarried maiden Is just a woman of the night not yet made: Who has yet to put dirt on her white gown, Or money in her fair pocket. You can judge a book by its cover But the cover is usually far cleaner, … Continue reading #169 – Grin


#167 – Give

Give me those fingers to entwine in mine. Give me those lips that blush as do kissed hips. Sunken cheeks which suggests your heart is at my behest. And so it be that you’re enthralled by me. And so I show by what I do That the time I give is for you.

#165 – Phenomenon

Insatiable hunger: A passion that never subsides. Tireless slumber: A body with unwakeable eyes. We live Lying in our death throes. We die Crying in a deaf world. One may hope And one may wish, But never know what lies betwixt Our thoughts And experiential slopes.

#164 – Decay

What is love if not gilding of the living flower? What is hate if not this flower left to sour? With each passing and coming day, These precious petals are blown away.