A comment on Jordan Peterson and Nationalism

Hello dear reader, I recently came across Resurrection Europa's YouTube channel, and more specifically his video 'Jordan Peterson dismantled'. I quite enjoyed the video and his many points against Jordan Peterson. Resurrection has expressed many points against Peterson that I have been struggling with for months, and I have been unable to express it in … Continue reading A comment on Jordan Peterson and Nationalism

#205 – To know is to act

I have spent my whole life Writing: spilling forth words like Waves from a sea too Powerful to keep back. Pushing Me like a nihilistic void. But, to know is to act, and I must do so now. No more words, to Know is to act: and I am acting now.

#203 – Remembering Yukio Mishima

Death and Night and Blood Ran through the veins of Kimitake. Wearing a death mask of confessions, He oscillated between the crying boy after his Writings had been burned by his father, Which he had crafted by his grandmother's Deathbed, and the strong man Who disembowelled himself for the Honour of the Sun-God: the Emperor. Not … Continue reading #203 – Remembering Yukio Mishima