#130 – Mantra

A profundity the mantra is bringing; Which can also be found in silence. Prolonged speech peppered with breathing, Raising everything but the voice's violence After sound: Silence rings. Stable and steady: Intimately bound. Never raising the voice to sing. Repeat the scriptures Repeat the lines. Progressing with pictures, Delving into profundity's mines. No longer any … Continue reading #130 – Mantra


#129 – A prayer

So I speak A prayer true that reeks: Praise the almighty For sparing me. Not of the flames, nor of the fire, Not even passion which insatiably reaches higher. But, from heaven itself and the gate within which they dwell. Because for me, heaven would be my hell.

#12 – Wolves (read out by me on YouTube)

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#125 – Ontological

While Descartes' argument is to assume God from its perfection: a priori: defined. A shame that he could never read Hume: Nothing can be defined into existence: denied! Then came the Prussian philosopher Kant. Who said no contradiction made When one denies the ontological slant: Predicate and subject alike, denied and betrayed. Well, lets take Anselm's argument: "None greater can be conceived." What exactly … Continue reading #125 – Ontological