#124 – The human flaw

I see you silhouetted by your shame For living and loving with your pride. A heart: a passion; attempting to tame, But the greatest pleasure derived From those you defied. It's said that humans can only find love this way: By inventing and placing its own sin. Although the brooding lips that mock the day … Continue reading #124 – The human flaw


#121 – Los menos

¿Eres el tonto Que añade una lágrima al océano? ¿El mismo tipo que da la agonía de los Ya torturados? ¿Que tonto es el hombre menos Afectado por el mundo? ¿Que tonto toma Así mismo lejos de lo que ama? Es menos que un tonto Y el menor de los sabios. Translation: Less: Are you the fool That adds a tear to the ocean? The same kind who gives agony To those already tortured? What fool is the man least Affected by the world? What fool takes himself away From … Continue reading #121 – Los menos