#111 – Elf-King

Who's riding late in windy plains wild? It is the father with his child; He has the boy held in his arm, He embraces him close, he keeps him warm. "My son, why cover your face in such fear?" "You don't see the Elf-king father, drawing near? The King of Elves with crown and tail!" … Continue reading #111 – Elf-King


#107 – Ode to Poseidon

Behold, The sea like ribbons Lick the waist and thighs Of that which it knows to be its God. He is Of the same line As the heavens and the dead. With the body lean, And the trident poised, Riding horses from the sea, The Earth-shaker comes to tame.

#106 – A part

Winding, weaving, The tubes that enter you Like snakes into your skin. But without the scales, Like the smooth organs that lay within. You left me for the first time With no one to cry to. You left me alone To solitude and selfishness. Those same organs that kept you here, Destroyed the life within you. … Continue reading #106 – A part